Edward B. Cannan Elementary School

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Pennies for Patients and Cats in Hats

Cannan Elementary is leading up to a fabulous Spring Break, and even amidst all of the work and busy events going on at the campus, students are still finding time with their teachers to participate in great things!
Pennies for Patients dress-up days came rolling through this week! Students have been contributing their spare change, and dressing up with the themes of each day. From Dazzling Dimes to Neon Nickels, it has been a zany week of showing off our colors and contributing to a worthy cause. The collections conclude on Thursday, and students have done a fantastic job of bringing in their change to make a change.
Over in our Science Lab... Cannan Science Investigators have been working on models of different ecosystems relating to a number of diverse animals. Polar bears, snow leopards, orangutans and more served as the inspiration for modeling out forests, snowy plains, and other wildly different ecosystems. In all, the students made a great effort in working on the models and showing their understanding of how ecosystems fit together.
And finally, in our lead up to Spring Break, Cannan students have been participating in Read Across America week, with a central theme of Doctor Seuss. Every day this week, students have had the opportunity to enter their name and favorite titles from Doctor Seuss in a special Cat in the Hat-themed ballot box. With lots of engagement in reading and the joy that it can bring to students, it has overall been a wonderful week leading up to the district Spring Break.
We look forward to seeing our Cannan Wildkats back and ready for more learning and fun after we return!