Edward B. Cannan Elementary School

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Raising Up Our School Spirit

The science lab buzzed with activity this week! Students used various materials to model the Sun, earth and moon in order to better study how they interact with each other. Every Cannan investigator did their best in constructing a fun and informative model to be put on display! Some of the Cannan kats even took the time to show their projects off for some of the lower grade levels and help to inspire them towards scientific study in the future!
And the Cannan talent show is coming up soon! Songs, dances, and more are being practiced to put on the best show possible from our Cannan Wildkats.
The Big Kahuna Fundraiser is back to help push the school's funding through the end of the year. On Wednesday this week, students viewed a presentation showing off the prizes students can earn in assisting their school. Finally, the party limousine is coming back along with the Big Kahuna Fundraiser to take students to Pizza Shack for a special lunch! Information about the fundraiser is being sent home with students to keep parents in the loop on this wonderful opportunity.
And finally, we continue to celebrate Kindness Month here at Cannan Elementary, with different goals presented each day to staff members and students. Students who receive a compliment for performing a kind act can be given a paper heart by teachers, which can then be added to the kindness tree in Cannan's main hallway for everyone to see. Take a look if you come to visit, and see just how kind our kats can be!