Edward B. Cannan Elementary School

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News and Announcements

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Cannan

On Friday, Cannan Elementary celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a parade and program focused on cultural diversity. Students were encouraged to dress in the culture they connect with and join in the party. This celebration was also our STAAR pep rally in which students busted star shaped piñatas to symbolize beating the STAAR test. Great job to everyone involved. Take a look at the pictures.
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Grades K-4 Field Day is Thursday, May 18th

This is just a reminder that Field Day for grades K-4 is Thursday, May 18th. Students may wear an appropriate swimsuit and covering to participate in water activities. Students are also encouraged to bring a lunch for field day; however, students may purchase a lunch through the cafeteria line as well. Remember to bring water and apply sunscreen before school. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any further questions.
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Cinco de Mayo is Friday May 5th

We invite you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a day of recognition of children from all cultural backgrounds. On this day, we will have a parade and program to show the different traditional costumes of the countries or regions that represent our students. The students are always proud of their culture. If you wish to represent your country or region, please contact your son/daughter’s teacher for more information. We welcome donations of candy, piñata, or any other snacks to celebrate the day.
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National School Library Week

It's National School Library Week, and Willis ISD would like to give a shout out to all our librarians for creating an educational, safe and fun-filled environment for our students.
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